We Have Work To Do- Kansas Senate District 21 Vlog Transcript

        We have done our job, America.  The curve has been flattened.  We pulled together and met the challenge.  It’s what we do best as a nation.

        Our job is not over, America.  Social distancing will be asked of us until Covid-19 has been put to death.

        Flattening the curve was hard, but the coming months will be harder.  We can’t simply flip a switch and undo the economic fallout that continues to accrue.  It will take time to recover jobs that have been lost.  It will take time to recover the business that has been lost.  Time that many of us cannot afford.

        Nearly every business and institution in this country has been affected by the pandemic, including every level of government.  I’m running for the Kansas Senate, and I can tell you that the person you elect to be your next Senator will be asked to make extremely tough decisions in the face of looming State budget deficits.  I’ve seen deficit projections approaching $1.3 billion for the fiscal years 2020 and 2021.  I fear those deficit projections are low.  The impact on education and human services will be significant.  A recovering economy’s impact on future State budgets will be significant.  For the sake of our community, your next Senator better have the business acumen to help navigate the State’s economic fortunes for the next four years.

        At the beginning of this year, I thought the health of our economy would be the last thing I’d be talking about.  My, how times have changed.  What hasn’t changed is the issue of who is better qualified to tackle the job of being your next State Senator.  The job just got a lot harder.  Now, more than ever, qualifications matter, integrity and experience matter.

I believe I’m up to the job, or I wouldn’t be running.  I’m Tom Bickimer, and there can be no greater calling than to serve the people of Kansas.