We have a Problem Transcript

         A good part of my business career has been devoted to problem solving and conflict resolution.  No matter how impossible it may seem, I believe there is a solution to every problem.  A solution best achieved through determination, empathy and reason.  Insensitivity and inflammatory rhetoric get you nowhere; if you want resolution, begin by putting yourself in the other’s shoes.

        Our country is confronted with problem that can no longer be ignored away.  Fifty-six years after The Civil Rights Act, black people are still treated differently than white people.  The brutality exhibited in Minneapolis has to be that defining moment when our country acknowledges that we have a problem. 

        Some of us have taken to the streets to affect change, and we’ve seen the right and wrong way to do that- refer to the MLK playbook if you’re unsure about the right way.  Now comes the hard part, the problem-solving part that starts by putting yourself in the other’s shoes and continues with reasoned discussion.  Demanding to defund your local police department?  Come on, how does that make sense?  Society today demands way more of law enforcement than simply upholding the law.  The days of one size fits all training of our police officers is long gone.  Yes, we should expect accountability, but let’s repurpose funding and focus on giving our police the tools and training they need to successfully meet those demands.

        I have the greatest respect for our local police departments.  They work hard at keeping us safe the right way.  It’s a dangerous job, unforgiving, and under-appreciated- until the unthinkable happens, until an Officer Mosher is murdered.

        How do we reconcile these two recent tragic events?  The task is indeed daunting, but not impossible.  I’m running for the Kansas Senate because I’m a problem solver who believes there is a solution to every problem.  All it takes is empathy and reasoning and the determination to see it through.  I’m Tom Bickimer, and it’s time to put people before politics.