Kansas Senate District 21 Campaign Update

Hello everybody, it’s been about a month since announcing that I was running as a Republican candidate for the Kansas State Senate in 2020, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the encouragement that I have received.  Now, it’s also true I’ve gotten a fair amount of questions about why I would want to do such a thing.  Well, let me just say political ambition has nothing to do with it, nor will political expediency, should I be elected.  I’m simply running to be of service to the citizens of the great state of Kansas. 

Who can blame folks who doubt my intentions given the corrosive nature of politics today?  Well, I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to do my part in restoring people’s faith in their elected officials.  We’ve been busy getting the campaign website up and running, my Facebook page actively engaged with the community, and, I have to admit, the least attractive part of being a candidate, raising money.  I’ll be checking in with you periodically to give updates on the campaign and, more importantly, share some of my thoughts on protecting and enhancing the quality of life for Kansans like yourself.

Here, recently, Mary and I had the family over, and I was reminded that our younger generation gives me great confidence about the future of our country.  They are all the inspiration I need to do everything I can to leave this world in a better place for them.  For those jaded by the state of present-day politics, perhaps that is reason enough to understand why I am running for public office.

I’m Tom Bickimer, and I approved this message.