Principled Politics Transcript

       Folks, back in January I talked to you about possible new year resolutions for the Kansas Legislature.  Well, the 2020 legislative session has officially ended and unfortunately for those of us who look to our Legislature for principled politics, this was not a good year- unless you consider stonewalling, defending your political turf at all costs and bitter partisanship the work of the people.

        There is too little candor and too much rancor in politics today.  There is too little bipartisanship and too much obstinate ideology infecting the legislative process.  I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, you deserve better from your elected officials. 

        Folks, it’s not too late to make one more resolution for this year.  Let’s resolve that these become the elections we refuse to give into indifference.  Let’s raise our voices and expectations and demand better service by those we send to Topeka. 

        I’m Tom Bickimer, I’m running for the Kansas District 21 state senate seat, and I’m here to answer that call.