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For Tom Bickimer, there can be no greater calling than to be a public servant for the people of Kansas.  He hears that call, loud and clear.


Play Ball!

Play Ball! Transcript        As we slowly emerge from sheltering at home, a world greets us that is both the same and different.         We are the same and yet different.          We began our sheltering as we said good-bye to the last vestiges of winter and facing a...

We Have Work to Do- Kansas Senate District 21

We Have Work To Do- Kansas Senate District 21 Vlog Transcript        We have done our job, America.  The curve has been flattened.  We pulled together and met the challenge.  It’s what we do best as a nation.         Our job is not over, America.  Social distancing...

Tom Bickimer’s COVID-19 Ruminations

Tom Bickimer's COVID-19 Ruminations Transcript       Hello, everyone, Tom Bickimer reporting in- not as a homebuilder or a political candidate, but as a neighbor speaking to a neighbor.         So, how’s everybody doing out there?  All our best laid plans, right? ...

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