Crunch Time Transcript

       Hi folks, Tom Bickimer here, and we’re down to election crunch time.  Who are you going to hire to be your voice in Topeka for the next four years?  A critical time when the social and economic after-shocks of the pandemic will demand tough decisions by your next state senator.  Decisions that will require not only common sense and independent thinking but business experience and innovative ideas. 

        Electing anyone to public office is an act of trust- trust that the candidate is who they say they are and what they say is true.  And while a candidate’s party affiliation is helpful to know, it’s not the last word.  Where a candidate stands on the issues matters.  Qualifications and leadership matter

        My resume speaks for itself.  I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t think I could do a better job than my opponent protecting our schools, enhancing human services and improving our economic well-being.  I believe in putting people before politics- something my opponent unfortunately lost sight of after only two years in office.

        Speaking of my opponent, she claims she wants the old Kansas back.  I don’t.  Kansans don’t settle.  It’s time to move forward, not backwards.  I’m a builder, not a divider.  Let’s build something special together.

        I’m ready to go to work for you as your next state senator and would be honored to have your support this election.  Thank you.