Confidence in Government Transcript

       Hi folks, Tom Bickimer, here.  For the past several months I have walked your neighborhoods and witnessed how you have rallied to be your best selves despite the challenges and hardships of a pandemic.  Our government leaders, on the other hand, would have done well to follow your example.  We are all tired of the divisive politics.  I’m running for office because I believe civilized discourse and bi-partisan collaboration is not only possible but should be expected of our elected officials, particularly in a time of crisis.

        If our government leaders can’t inspire confidence in their ability to govern, then they have failed at their job and failed you.  I can’t do anything more than you about the presidential election or the U.S. Senate race.  What I can do, if you give me the opportunity as your next state senator, is work hard to restore your confidence- not in any one political party or agenda, but in your state government.

        I’m Tom Bickimer, reminding you that your voice matters.  Please vote this election.  Thank you.