Let’s Be Perfectly Clear


There is too little candor in politics today and I aim to change that.  Casting your vote is an act of trust.  Trust that the candidate is who they say they are and what they say is true, trust that the candidate you elect will faithfully be your voice in Topeka for the next four years.

In no particular order, here are my position statements on several of the more important issues that will be front and center this election season.

My commitment to you is that I will honor your trust in me as both a candidate for office and as your next state senator.


 A Candidate’s Resume Should Matter


Running for public office should be the same as interviewing for a job.  You, the voters, are the employers.  Me, I’m one of two candidates applying for the job of state senator.

As an equal opportunity employer, race, gender or age aren’t important to you, it’s the issues that define the job description and the strength of a candidate’s resume.  Senator Sykes likes to talk about bringing common sense to Topeka.  Well, yes, but you’re also looking for a LEADER, someone who will capably and diligently represent you in Topeka.

I think I’m that person, or I wouldn’t be asking you for the job.  My resume speaks for itself.  I’m a Christian family man and businessman dedicated to the service of others.  It would be a privilege to work for you for the next four years.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Senator Sykes ran as the “Right Republican” in 2016.  In 2018 she announced, “I think I can better serve my state and constituents as a member of the Democrat Party.”

Either her 2016 campaign was disingenuous or she was terribly naïve about what she was getting herself into.  By switching parties, Senator Sykes made a personal decision that was in her best interests and not those of her constituents.  Did she really think she could be a better legislator by defecting to the minority party in the Legislature?  Consequently, the Senator’s decision has relegated her to the sidelines the past two years.

Senator Sykes chose the easy way out rather than fight for the people she was supposed to serve.  Me, I’d rather fight than switch.


Healthcare Hide and Seek


How many of us go shopping without regard for cost or what the price tag says?  Yet, that’s what happens when our doctor recommends surgery, or we unexpectedly find ourselves in the emergency room.

What if the nearest hospital isn’t in our insurance network?  What if the hospital is in-network but its doctors aren’t?  What if that surgery we need costs significantly more using in-network providers?  Way too often we have little say about the cost of our healthcare.

It’s time to lift the veil hiding healthcare costs.  I support legislation that gives us the opportunity to comparison shop and requires insurance companies to negotiate equitable cross-network charges.  And no more surprise bills months after a hospital stay.

We value the health of our loved ones above all else.  That doesn’t mean we should be taken advantage of.


Learn to Dream


Investing in the education of our children today is the same as investing in our future.  Education is the catalyst for enriching lives and creating opportunity.

A STEM curriculum and KDE’s Kansas Can Initiative should continue to be emphasized.  The State’s education funding formula works as long as it is properly funded, accountable, and the dollars find their way to where they matter most- the classroom.

Our school districts are the heart of a vibrant community.  Candidly, the economic consequences of the pandemic will make for hard budgetary choices by the legislators you elect this November.  As your state senator, I’ll be a prudent and protective caretaker of our school districts.

My mom and a daughter were schoolteachers.  My wife and I started The Promise of Learning Foundation over twenty years ago.  I believe in the transformative power of education.


Medicaid Expansion


Who picks up the hospital bills that uninsured individuals can’t afford?  You and me and businesses who provide health insurance.  No wonder all of our local chambers of commerce support Medicaid expansion as a sensible alternative.

Expanding Medicaid would promote insured, healthier individuals who are more productive in the workplace and have more discretionary income to spend on goods and services.  Government revenues would increase, mitigating the State’s portion of the program’s cost.  Fears about over-burdening what many perceive as a dysfunctional KanCare system should be addressed, but as a separate operational issue.  Without Medicaid expansion, a crisis, like a pandemic, threatens the viability of our healthcare system.

Kansas has left billions of dollars on the table- your federal tax dollars going to other states.  Does that make sense to you?

Let’s give thousands of Kansans the ability to insure themselves and their families.  Yes, uncertain economic times lie ahead, but there is one certainty that can no longer be ignored- Medicaid expansion is good for Kansas.


Coexisting With the Second Amendment


Some 230 years after the Bill of Rights was ratified, one wonders how our Founding Fathers would address gun ownership today.  While the right to bear arms is in our nation’s DNA, technological advancements inconceivable to our Founding Fathers compel an examination of the role the second amendment should play in modern society.

I don’t pretend to be in their league, but I believe our Founding Fathers would point out that our second amendment rights are neither mutually exclusive of nor take precedence over other’s rights.  In other words, let’s protect our second amendment rights while safeguarding the rights of others.

What would that look like?  Well, the Supreme Court has ruled that the second amendment includes a lawful citizen’s right to bear arms, but that right is not unlimited.  The parameters have been set for us, we need only set aside our fears and begin in earnest the task of living within those parameters.  It’s time, don’t you think?


Aborting Humanity’s Future


I believe abortion is not a right but a wrong.  To those of you who don’t agree, we can argue all day about when life begins and when abortion isn’t wrong, but you will never convince me that a woman’s right to determine what is best for her body takes precedence over the right to life.

I support the proposed Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment which states that there is no right to an abortion in the Kansas Constitution and that it should be up to the citizens of Kansas and their elected officials to pass laws regarding abortion.

For the sake of humanity’s future, let’s give Life the benefit of the doubt


Property Tax Hide and Seek


Do you think your property taxes are too high?  My opponent doesn’t think so.  She declined to vote for legislation that would have required cities and counties to be more transparent about how they determine your tax bill.

Transparent government is always a good thing.  It keeps jurisdictions honest.  It would lead to fairer property tax bills for homeowners.

I don’t know why my opponent sat on her hands when it came time to vote on this legislation.  Then again, transparency hasn’t always been my opponent’s strong suit.  I not only support property tax transparency, I’ll gladly sponsor this important legislation.





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