For the Adelines of the World Transcript

      Hello folks, I’m Tom Bickimer, and this is Adeline- born into this most unforgettable of years.

      Given our present-day challenges, it can be difficult to look beyond our today, but I can’t help wondering what Adeline’s world will look like in ten, even twenty years from now.

      I do know that our children and grandchildren will be our greatest legacy.  I’d like to think that the lessons we learn today will be the building blocks for a brighter future for Adeline and her generation.  I’d like to think that one day they will say our generation persevered with grace and dignity through this difficult time.

      I’m a homebuilder, building is what I do.  Let’s build a future together that will give Adeline’s generation a world of endless possibilities, a world made all the better because we had the right stuff.

      I’m Tom Bickimer, I’m running for the Kansas Senate, and Adeline and I approved this message.