Crunching the Numbers Transcript

Hi everyone, Tom Bickimer here.  Now that the primary election is over, I thought I’d share some campaign numbers with you:

154 miles walking your neighborhoods (practicing social distancing, of course) + 1 pair of worn-out tennis shoes + 1 sincere message- People before Politics = 8, 752 votes and my heart-felt thanks for your support

This has been a wonderful experience for me.  I’ve met so many down-to-earth, hard-working folks who simply want what is best for their family and community- a steady job that supports the basic needs of their family, a safe neighborhood for their kids, healthcare that doesn’t threaten their family’s financial stability, and certainly less political gamesmanship when it comes to finding pragmatic solutions to our current health, economic and social challenges.

Now it’s on to the November election and I couldn’t be more excited to wear out another pair of tennis shoes!

I’m a homebuilder.  Building is what I do.  Let’s build something special together.  No one will work harder if you hire me to be your next state senator and it will always be People before Politics.