Hello, everyone, my name is Tom Bickimer and I have a confession to make: I have never run for public office.

        So it’s about time I did something about that.  I am excited to announce that I am a Republican candidate for the Kansas State Senate race in 2020.

        I guess you could say that I’ve spent a lifetime preparing for this moment.  I attended the University of Kansas and earned my degree in business administration.  Three years later, my wife, Mary, and I started a homebuilding company that for nearly four decades now has stood the test of both good and bad economic times.

        By the way, any success I’ve achieved in life can be attributed to Mary, who has been both cheerleader and confidante my entire career.  My children, too, have taught me lessons along the way, not the least of which is to face each day with the courage to never stop dreaming.

        In the course of deciding whether to run for office, I talked to many respected people who do have political experience.  Time and again I heard that our legislature in Topeka lacks elected officials with a strong business background.  I understand what it means to be a small business owner having to make payroll.  I understand what it means to our employees to be on the payroll. 

        Building a house requires imagination, planning, budgeting, and leadership.   I’ve spent my entire business career problem-solving the challenges that surround the construction of homes that will embody the dreams of the families we build for.  Maybe I am new to the political game, but it seems to me that I can bring something of greater value to Topeka, something other than the same old political rhetoric that results in nothing ever getting done.

        It’s important to me that I run for public office for all the right reasons.  I’m a big believer in giving back to the community in which I live and work, and I want my campaign to be about my commitment to public service.  I want my campaign to be about doing right by the hard-working families of Kansas, not what is politically expedient.

        At its best, Democracy encourages constructive debate, not divisiveness.  At its best, Democracy’s majority rule is imbued with inclusiveness and empathy, not antipathy and inflexibility.  I’d like your help restoring this great democratic process of ours back to its best self.

        You know, the company my wife and I built into a second generation family business, has a motto and it goes like this:  Building dreams on a solid foundation.  When you think about it, isn’t that what the business of governing should be about?

        I’m Tom Bickimer, and I approved this message.