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While he is an unabashed Jayhawk fan and proud University of Kansas alumnus, Tom Bickimer was born in Indiana, which technically makes him a Hoosier, but that doesn’t really count, does it?  His two daughters went to Kansas State University, so, if pressed, he may admit to a certain affinity for the Wildcats.

Tom married his high school sweetheart, Mary Hamilton before the ink was dry on his college diploma.  They are the proud parents of six children.

He has the business degree, but Tom will tell you that there is nothing like being in the trenches as an entrepreneur trying to build a sustainable business.  While still in their early 20’s, Tom and Mary started a business that has grown into one of the largest homebuilding companies in Kansas.  Thirty-seven years later, they are proud to say Bickimer Homes has become a second generation family business.

Giving of one’s time, talent and treasure is an essential part of how Tom views his place in the world.  Tom is just as comfortable serving the less fortunate in a food kitchen as he is making business decisions in the board room.  He and Mary are active members of their church and have volunteered at several nonprofit organizations over the years.  Retired foster parents, child and family services continue to hold a special place in their hearts.  More recently, their experiences caring for their aging parents have inspired Tom to become a strong advocate for compassionate, affordable healthcare for our elderly.

Tom will tell you that he has led a full and blessed life.  Yet there is this thought that there is another challenge waiting for him.  Like you, he has watched as the difficult issues of our day are often left to languish under the political extremes that gridlock our governing bodies.  Tom would like nothing more than to put his business and community experience to work for his fellow citizens and break that gridlock.

For Tom Bickimer, there can be no greater calling than to be a public servant for the people of Kansas.  He hears that call, loud and clear.


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