A Candidate’s Resume Transcript

Hi, folks.  You know, I’ve been thinking that running for public office should be like interviewing for a job.  You, the voters, are the employers.  Me, I’m one of two candidates applying for the job of state senator.

While a candidate’s party affiliation is helpful to know for an equal opportunity employer, it’s not the last word.  Of more importance is the strength of a candidate’s resume and whether or not you can trust that person to be your voice in Topeka.

The other candidate talks a good game, but her job performance the past four years tells a different story.  Integrity matters.  Qualifications matter.  If I didn’t think you agree, I wouldn’t be asking you to hire me as your next state senator.

My resume speaks for itself.  I will always be honest with you.  It would be an honor to work for you as your next state senator.